Greg Salvesen


Click on the Hubble Ultra Deep Field image to explore 10,000 galaxies with sound! Pitch maps to a galaxy's distance — high notes are nearby, low notes are far away.

This was one of my data sonification projects featured on my outreach website Astronomy Sound of the Month, which uses sound to highlight astrophysics research. Currently on hiatus, AstroSoM is part of my broader ongoing efforts to develop accessible educational materials that use sound as a complementary medium for teaching astronomy concepts. Incorporating data sonifications into the classroom makes learning astronomy accessible to students with visual impairments, aural learning styles, and for whom English is a second language.

As an enthusiastic and seasoned speaker, I enjoy giving public talks on astronomy topics. I've had a blast presenting at Astronomy on Tap, being a guest speaker for amateur astronomical society club meetings, and giving planetarium shows.